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    /|\ 1.Richard Davis|
c.1788 Bedminster|
|Mary Hazard /|\
|b.1791 Bristol
|2.Robert Woolley
|c.1801 Middlesex

  | |   | |      




    | | |   |    

|Mary Jane

| | |     | | | |



15 FEB 1813 St Michaels, Bristol, Gloucester, England
Christening: Ellen Davis 16 JAN 1814 Philip & Jacob, Bristol, Gloucester, England
Father: Richard Davis Mother: Mary
Willaim Davis b.1818 - not found
Christening: Mary Ann Davis 15 APR 1821 St Philip And St Jacob, Bristol, Gloucester,
Father: Richard Davis Mother: Mary
Elizabeth Davis - same age as Mary Ann in 1841 census, not found.

- there should be a death/burial record for Richard Davis, but not found
Marriages: Robert Land Woolly Spouse: Mary Davis
03 SEP 1832 Bristol, Gloucester

1841 Census (June 6)
City of Bristol, Parish of Saint Mary Redcliff
Guinea Street
Robert Woolly 40 cordwainer
Mary Woolly 50 shawl/bonnet maker
Ellen Davis 25 milliner
William Davis 20 cordwainer
Mary Ann Davis 15
Elizabeth Davis 15
- all say not born in the same county, but William states in later censuses that he was born in Redcliff while Ellen says St.Phillip & St.Jacob. We know RW was from Middlesex. Ages were rounded to the nearest 5.

Guinea St. at the bottom, King St. at the top:

William & Ann marriage

St. Mary's, Redcliff

William birth 1842 Cardiff



Mary Jane birth 1849 Bristol

Marriage Dec 1841: DAVIS, William, : WINE, Ann ; Bristol 11 188 - this one not in a Baptist Chapel
1841 Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of St. Mary Redcliff in the County of Bristol
16th October 1841
William Davis, of full age, Batchelor, Cordwainer, Guinea Street, father: Richard Davis, Grocer
Ann Wine, of full age, spinster, Guinea Street, (father unknown)
Married in the Parish Church according to the rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns by me M H Whish....
William Davis; Ann Wine her X mark
In the presence of us Charles Vaughan, Benjamin Pope

Davies William 1842 Sep Cardiff XXVI 342
Birth 1842 Cardiff in the Counties of Glamorgan and Monmouth
Twenty Fourth September 1842, Union Street Cardiff
William, male, William Davies, shoemaker, Ann Davies formerly Wine,
The mark of William Davies shoemaker, Union Street, Cardiff
Third November 1842, James Lewis Registrar

Births Sep 1843 HUINS George Alcester 16 148 ?

- James could be any of these:
James Davis June 1844, Clifton XI 193
James Davis Dec 1844 Bristol XI 188
James Isaac? Davis Dec 1844 Bristol XI 167
James Hanard? Davis March 1845, Bristol XI 114
James Davis Sep 1845, Bristol XI 169

1846/7 - Richard Davis - gives 4 in the 1851 census. The only Richards registered in Bristol were 2 x Richard John in Dec 1844 - but they would have been 6 by the census
- Births Jun 1847 Davies Richard Bristol 11 1[3_]7 - would have been 3, almost 4 at the 1851 census

Births Dec 1849 DAVIES Mary Jane Bedminster 11 58
1849 Birth in the Sub-district of Bedminster in the Counties of Bristol and Somerset
Thirty first August 1849, King Street, Bedminster: Mary Jane; girl
William Carey Davies, cordwainer; Ann Davies formerly Wine.
X the mark of Ann Davies, mother, King Street, Bedminster, Eleventh October 1849, Benjamin Johns Rooms, registrar

1851 Census (March 30)
Parish of Bedminster, 7 West Redcliffe Crescent
Robert Woolley, head, married, 49, cordwainer, London, parish unknown
Mary Woolley, wife, married, 60, annuitant, Castle ??, Bristol

1851 Census (from Joan) March 30 1851
Living: 14 PHILIP STREET, Bedminster, Bristol
DAVIS William 33 Cordwainer journeyman [shoemaker] Bristol
Ann 35 Bristol
William 9 Scholar Cardiff
James 7 Bristol
Richard 4 Bristol
Mary 1 Bedminster, Bristol
- also at 14 Philip St, but in spearate households:
Benjamin Green, 63 widower, gardener pauper, b. Somerset Midsummer Norton
William Leworthy 31 labourer b. Devon South Molton
Jemina, wfie, 26 b. Devon South Molton

Philip Street at the bottom:

Deaths Mar 1861 Woolly Mary Bedminster 5c 540 (nee Hazard, 1791, age 70)

1861 Census
Parish of Bedminster, 4 Lower ... Terrace
Robert Woolley, g'father, widower, 56, (sic: 60) cordwainer deb collector, b.Middlesex London
William Jennings, g'son, unmarried, 19, accountant, b.Bristol
- plus family called Moss

1861 Census April 7 1861
Cardiff St John ; Cardiff ; Glamorgan ; Wales
Address: 67 Bridge St.
William Davies 43 (b.1818) Redcliff, Somerset, Head shoemaker
Ann Davies 44 (b.1817) Redcliff, Somerset, England Wife
William Davies 18 (b.1842/3) Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales Son
James Davies 15 (b.1845/6) Bristol, Somerset, England Son
Mary J Davies 11 (b.1849/50) Bristol, Somerset, England Daughter scholar
- next door - Greyhound Ct. - Margaret Davies, 59 widow
23 Bridge St - John Davies 38, & wife Mary

59 & 60 Bridge St. occupied by 3 shoemakers

Richard Davis - b.1847, would have been 14 - is missing above, there were three deaths since 1851, but no ages given. He could have been staying elsewhere, but hopeless to trace with so many.

Bidge St. Cardiff, at the top:

1867 Mar Marriage: DAVIS, James : Rickards, Eliza ; Bristol 6a 78 - NOT this one!

1871 Census
St. Paul's Bristol, 24 Philadelphia St.
Robert Woolley, lodger, widower, 71, cordwainer, London

1871 Census
Civil Parish: Stapleton ; Ecclesiastical parish: Fishponds ; Town: Stapleton : Gloucestershire
Bristol City Workhouse
William Davis, inmate, Widower, 50 (b.1820/1), shoemaker, b. Redcliff
- William he had died by 1876

1871 Census
Civil Parish: Temple, City of Bristol, Municipal Ward: St. Mary Redcliffe
55 Thomas St., "Ring of Bell"
Mary Davis, lodger, 21, dressmaker, Bristol
- one of four lodgers with a family of three, probably our Mary Jane. It appeared to suggest she was married but that would seem doubtful.

Marriages Dec 1876 Davis Mary Jane : Hewins George Bedminster 5c 1290
1876 Marriage solemnized at the Philip Street Chapel in the district of Bedminster in the Counties of Bristol and Somerset
Twenty Eight October 1876
George Hewins, 34 years, Bachelor, Labourer, 10 Philip Street, Bedminster, James Hewins labourer.
Mary Jane Davis, 25 years, Spinster, -, 10 Philip Street, Bedminster, William Davis (deceased), Cooper.
Married in the Philip Street, Chapel according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Baptists by Certificate, by me William Norriss, minister, Charles Gill Registrar
This marriage was solemnized between us: George Hewins; X the mark of Mary Jane Davis
in the presence of us: X the mark of Thomas Garrrett ; X the mark of Mary Anne Huffey.

note from www.churchcrawler. . . ./baptist.htm :
"Phillip Street Baptist church [right] is situated in an area which has been mostly cleared of its tiny working class streets - a number of which were the scenes of devastation during the Second World War. It was erected in 1861 but a church had been founded in 1855. It is a huge monster of a chapel and was designed by J.C. Neale, a local rogue Goth who designed some wonderful and inventive churches in Bristol - most of which have been demolished. Phillip Street shows some of his inventiveness but is in a vaguely Romanesque style. The west facade had three huge arches and a stepped arrangement of windows. The side elevations have tall windows with a small aisle added later. The interior is a period piece with a huge organ and galleries."

Births Sep 1877 HEWINS Jane Bedminster 5c 698
Births Jun 1879 Hiwens (sic) George Bedminster 5c 708

1881 Census
Civil Parish: Long Ashton; Somerset
Bedminster Union Workhouse
Robert Woolley; 82; Birth: abt 1799; Inmate; Male; born: London, Middlesex; Widow ; Shoemaker

1881 Census
Civil Parish: BedminsterCounty/Island: Somerset
Street address: 3 Providence Pl
George Hewins 38 ; born: Ripple, Worcestershire,
Mary Jane Hewins Age: 29 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1852 Wife; born: St Phillips Bristol
Jane Hewins 3 b. Bedminster, Bristol
George Hewins 1 b. Bedminster, Bristol

Births Jun 1881 HEWINS James Bedminster 5c 694
Deaths Jun 1883 WOOLEY Robert 83 Bedminster 5c 512
Births Mar 1884 HEWINS Alice Bedminster 5c 658
Births Dec 1885 Hewins Elizabeth Bedminster 5c 662
Births Dec 1887 Hewins William Bedminster 5c 641

1891 Census - Bristol, Bedminster
No.1 Burges Court, 2 rooms
George Hewins Age: 48, Head, Dock Labourer b.Worcestershire Ripley
Mary J Hewins Age: 40, Wife. Bristol St. Philips
Jane Hewins Age: 13 Daughter General Servant, b. Bristol Bedminster
George Hewins Age: 11 Son Scholar, b. Bristol Bedminster
James Hewins Age: 10 Son Scholar, b. Bristol Bedminster
Alice Hewins Age: 6 Daughter Scholar, b. Bristol Bedminster
Elizabeth Hewins Age: 5 Daughter Scholar, b. Bristol Bedminster
William Hewins Age: 3 Son, b. Bristol Bedminster

Births Mar 1892 Kurton Emma Bedminster 5c 665
Births Dec 1893 Hewins Florence Bristol 6a 2

1901 Census Stapleton, Bristol
Bristol Union Workhouse
Mary Hewins, inmate, married, 48 Housewife, b.Bristol, imbecile

1901 Census - Bristol, St. Bartholomew, Ashley
59 Cromwell Rd. Children's Home; Chargeable To Poor Rate
Florence Hewins 7, school, b.Bristol (census form said 14, mixed with another Florence above)
Elizabeth Hewins 15, House Girl, b.Bristol

1901 Census - Bedminster, Bristol
Home for the boys of Bristol Union
William Hewins: 13 : Pauper Scholar, b.Bristol

1911 Census
HEWINS MARY F 1852 59 Bristol Gloucestershire head b. Bristol
HEWINS FLORENCE F 1894 17 Bristol Gloucestershire daughter b.Bristol
1911 Census
INSTITUTION HEWINS GEORGE M 1880 31 Bristol Gloucestershire inmate
1911 Census
HOUSEHOLD HEWINS JAMES M 1883 28 Bristol Gloucestershire lodger, b. Bristol
1911 Census
KERTON EMMA F 1892, sister (of head) 19 Bristol Gloucestershire

Marriages Sep 1918 Hewins James : Kerton Emma Bristol 6a 321
Deaths Jun 1924 HEWINS James 42 Bristol 6a 90
Marriages Dec 1924 Hewins Emma : Hill Ernest E ; Bristol 6a 323


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The Cairns Road Baptist Church, NW Bristol has files for:

Upper Shelf
Right Side: Registers, Attendance, Other
Back Row
· 1687 -1842 (Church Member Records)
· 1723 - 1826 (Register of Births)
· 1819 May - 1890 December (Register of Members)
· 1838 April - 1983 October (Register of Members)
· 1852 - 1865 (Communion Role)
· 1875 (Register of Members)